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Did someone say cheese?

How we created a campaign to highlight the gooey goodness that ARLA Cooking Cheese can bring to your favourite recipes.


Arla make delicious cheese. A lot of delicious cheese in fact. The trouble is, people tend to eat cheese the same way week in week out. What they don't realise is just how versatile cheese is as a cooking ingredient and are missing out on a lot of gooey, stringy, and tasty dishes.

We were asked to create a campaign that would make customers want to reach for Arla's shredded cooking cheese and take their favourite recipes up a notch.


We decided to appeal directly to peoples’ taste buds with a campaign that dramatises both the taste and social benefits of using Arla’s reliably delicious cooking cheese.

The aim of the campaign was to make people feel ‘I want to make that tonight’, based on the insight that our target audience take particular pride in creating shareable dishes for friends and family.

We focused on the three most popular core categories of recipes where shredded cheese comes into play: pizza, pasta and Tex Mex, highlighting the melty deliciousness to be gained when you don’t skimp on the cheese!