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Saving the world one frittata at a time

Bringing to life the impact a cook can have on the world around them…


The overall BSM category was in decline. With ever-changing consumer trends like plant-based diets, veganism and the consumption of bread dropping; the worlds love affair with butter was on the wane.

Coupled with this, butter prices have sky-rocketed over the past few years – and as a premium brand we needed to keep justifying our price premium and defend our position in the fridges of cooks.

These days there are a lot of things going on in the world that are beyond our control – seas at boiling point, world leaders we never thought would be in power, good people being hungover…if it’s not one thing it’s another.

So people search for hope. A ray of light in the darkness.

Whilst it might seem small, the cook’s impact on their world can be greater than they think. Whether it’s a little act of kindness like rustling up a bacon sandwich for a hungover friend or bringing the family together over a frittata, a cook does a lot more than just create washing up.


People can do a lot of good, simply by doing something that they enjoy themselves; cooking Good Food from scratch. 

This is quite a grand idea, so we approached it in the usual Lurpak way – with a bowl full of humour, levity and a dollop of the grandiose. 

With Lurpak by their side, every moment in the kitchen is an opportunity to make a difference with Good Food. 


Our job was to bring this bold idea to life through OOH, print and shopper toolkits. Taking inspiration from the classic Dutch still life paintings, we used light to help tell our story and add a sense of drama to the campaign: with an incidental ray of light used to frame the moment that our cook’s inspiration and hard work delivered a little bit of hope to their world.

In ATL channels, our headline is emotive and ladders up to the proposition – celebrating the impact cooks can have on the world as a whole.

In BTL and shopper channels, we celebrate the impact the cook can have on their immediate world. 


This campaign is still live.