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Storytelling along the path to purchase

We embrace today’s rapidly evolving world of marketing and create campaigns that broadcast a brand’s story across multiple touchpoints. We tell stories compelling enough to connect great brands with their customers and tenacious enough to drive action. These stories lead to transactions and ultimately, can be measured by their capacity to change behaviour.

Peugeot RCZ-R

A unique way to launch the new Peugeot RCZ-R, their most powerful production car, with a series of 6" films.

A Millennial Trend: Instafood (un)Glorious Instafood

Millennials are eating with their eyes.  Through an Instagram filter.  And restaurants are starting to have to watch how they present their food – is it Instagram-worthy?  In America, TV personality/chef, Martha Stewart, created uproar when she posted an unfiltered, poorly presented (cue the screams of millions of Millennials) photo of a slow cooked onion soup on Twitter.  People even questioned if she was drunk, or wondered if her Twitter account had been hacked.  The reality is that what she had cooked was probably for once, more of a realistic goal to budding chefs than your standard #foodporn of Instagram.