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How we took Aperol’s perfect serve and changed drinking habits across London.


We were tasked with driving trial and sales of Aperol Spritz in stylish bars in key locations across the UK. Research revealed that once our target audience had chosen the first drink of the evening, they were more likely to stick with 
that drink for the rest of the night.

Delivering on the brand proposition of ‘It starts with Aperol Spritz’, we needed to target the early evening occasion and entice drinkers to discover the Italian art of aperitivo, and with it Aperol Spritz.


We created the ‘It Starts with…’ pop-up bar. A 360° experience with contemporary furnishings, Vespa seating and fresh orange displays to showcase the best of Italian style. Staffing was key and our bar and street teams comprised of 40 Italians. Not only did they serve to bring the authentic Mediterranean vibe to the occasion, they were the natural advocates we needed to charm and educate customers and outlet staff alike.

The ‘It starts with…’ presence was all around the bar with stylish lighting, bar paraphernalia and table buttons that allowed drinkers to summon an Aperol Spritz with ease.


118 outlets over 336 live days

127% of target reached across 303 live days

40,556 total serves in 2017