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An industry-first to start a culinary revolution

Lurpak Cook’s Range wasn’t just a new product launch, it was the biggest revolution in the category for 20 years. It just needed a campaign to do it justice.


We were asked to educate and raise awareness of the launch of Lurpak’s new Cook’s Range.

The target audience was young, passionate foodies, immersed in the world of food and hungry for inspiration.

Research revealed that 8 out of 10 consumers were likely to recommend the brand based on a great experience, and they loved to share their experiences. So we needed to take them on a culinary adventure.


We wanted to create a campaign that inspired foodies and showed all the possibilities that come with the new range. So we invited foodies to start their Food Adventure with a real-time, interactive experience at Waterloo Station.

The Lurpak Cook’s Range Tour was a rich experience that combined entertainment, deep education and inspiration with live cooking demos from renowned chefs, chosen for their credibility over celebrity status - such as Valentine Warner, Lily Vanilli, Tom Sellers and James Ramsden

Along with the tasters, orange and cardamom shortbread made with Lurpak Baking accompanied educational collateral and money-off coupons to extend reach. Consumers were invited to taste the results and also share their own food creations via #foodadventures, driving online conversations and creating advocacy.

Everything was filmed in real-time, mixed and broadcast live onto Lurpak’s digital channels and the UK’s largest indoor motion screen along with real-time social feed – an industry first.


19 cooking demonstrations were delivered each day across a range of 14 carefully selected savoury and sweet recipes along with 2 technical demonstrations.

And as a result:

1.5 million opportunities to see

190,000 brand interactions

198,875 food samples