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Celebrating the spirit of summer

How we took GAP’s special brand of West Coast Cool from Cornwall to southern Italy.


In a nutshell, we needed to make GAP synonymous with summer and bring to life the ‘effortlessly cool’ vibe of their 1969 denim range. More specifically, our activity was to build brand awareness, get new customers on board and sell the summer range in a memorable and interactive way.

Our target audience was pretty much the Instagram generation with a sweet spot of 28, based all across Europe. They go for experiences over owning things, but are also all about instant gratification.


We created a campaign built around an interactive beachtrip adventure, taking an effortlessly cool summer to the people.

Transported in an iconic VW camper, our brand experience stopped at popular beaches and summer events from Newquay in Cornwall all the way to southern Italy. On arrival, the camper opened up to feature an interactive pop-up shop and a photobooth for shareable content.

To amplify reach, we recruited key influencers to come along for the ride. Modelling key summer looks, they shared content with their own followers and on GAP’s social channels to help us tell our story. GAP fans were also a key part of the journey with key decisions put to the vote on social media, from who’s on board to who wears what.


After a long, hot summer, the tour has come to the end  of the road.  But the campaign’s travelled so much further than the miles on the clock suggest:

68.8% growth in social media channel followers

18 million impressions

17 million reach

300k engagement