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When we heard there was a generation of teens that didn’t know of all the joy Cadbury had to give, we knew there was something we could do.


Gen Z weren’t aware of Cadbury’s selection of countline bars. We needed to remind them that the brand has a big range with something to meet everyone’s tastes. Building on the Obey Your Mouth platform, we had to engage Gen Z with an immersive experience that showed them Cadbury has what their mouth wants.


We created the Obey Your Mouth House, giving Gen Z a fun way to explore Double Decker, Wispa, Crunchie, Boost and Twirl.

A two-storey funhouse made of shipping containers, each bar had its own room with a unique challenge that brought to life its personality. Our Gen Z teens could hurl themselves at Double Decker’s human-sized bowling pins, whirl backwards into Twirl’s ball pit, tackle a giant panda in the Wispa room and race their friends in Boost’s space-hopper race. A giant slide took visitors to the Crunchie disco where they could celebrate the Friday Feeling before leaving with a sample.

The experience was fully created and produced in house, and all staff recruited, trained and managed by The Staff Room, BD’s staffing agency.


The Obey Your Mouth House went on a nationwide tour including the summer festival circuit featuring Wireless, V Festival and Glasgow Summer Sessions.

While we await full results, the launch at London’s Southbank certainly set the tone for things to come:

Over 3,000 visitors

32,000 individual samples distributed

300,000+ OTS over Friday to Sunday

50 pieces of PR coverage, including a national piece on the Mirror Online

700,000 reach via UniLad Facebook post

Over 1 million views from a 360 video on Facebook