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The Spirit of Spiritello

How we created a branded sampling experience that was befitting of Campari's rich association with the creative industries.


Campari has seen continuous growth over the last 5 years since the height of its popularity in the 70s. With its drinkers largely belonging to an older demographic, Campari wanted to appeal to a younger demographic in order to continue their recent growth momentum.

For 2019, Campari briefed us to build a year long experiential and sampling strategy and subsequent activation. Our brief was to focus on a very specific demographic, the 27-45 year-old age set - with a focus on early adopters with a keen interest or profession in the creative industries.


We began by fully immersing ourselves in the target demographic, carrying out questionnaires, focus groups and observational research. We sought to understand the audience’s media choices, drinking occasions and locations and their motivators and habits.

From this information we built a tiered and targeted experiential plan. Built on the 70 / 20 / 10 model we created a plan to reach our audience in very specific gallery style locations, larger industry and VIP evenings and large scale events and exhibitions. All locations were focused on the creative, art and architecture industries, with our largest event types being that of Clerkenwell Design Week and Photo London as an example. 

In order to visit these locations, we needed to design and build two different bar types; a large bar, with multiple service points and a smaller, more flexible solution that our gallery locations could accomodate.

We took inspiration from Campari's iconic Spiritello poster by Italian artist Leonetto Cappiello. Our idea was to create a bar that represented the famous 'orange peel' helix from the poster, that would be attractive to our audience and feel at home in the galleries and iconic locations (such as Somerset House) that we had chosen to visit.


We created a plan that delivered across 23 events and 38 live nights and:

• Educated on the perfect serve, along with the versatility of the drink with two signature serves

• Reminded our audience of Campari’s creative credentials, through the bar design and location approach

• Began to build the Campari Arts Community, collecting customer data in an authentic and non-intrusive way

• Delivered 35,000 unique and perfect serves