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Grab a Cocio and get the most out of Summer…

How we created a summer campaign that brought a ray of Cocio sunshine to even the dreariest of days.


As a brand, Cocio knows that life has a rhythm, not a balance. Sometimes things go to plan and sometimes you’re dealt the unexpected. We were briefed to create a summer campaign that would bring to life the brand’s Good Mood Wingman creative platform and deliver a little dose of optimism through life’s rhythm – because no matter what life deals you, there’s a good moment to be found if you open yourself up to it.


We all dream of enjoying the perfect summer. Scorching days. Party filled nights. Getting gloriously tanned and watching the sunset with your BFFs whilst playing acoustic guitar next to a camp fire…

But we don’t live in the movies and summer very rarely lives up to the hype – with iffy weather, cancelled plans and real life getting in the way.

So what better time to grab a Cocio and find the Good Mood moments even when things don’t necessarily go to plan.

We created a Summer campaign filled with optimism and colour that reassured our audience that through the grey clouds and days without plans – there was always a Good Mood waiting to be found – you just needed to change how you view things.

We created a range of Limited Edition labels that spread a little motivation from the shelf outwards and inspired people to get the most out of summer. Using a campaign aesthetic that lended itself perfectly to social posts, we delivered a Good Mood view of the world when our audience needed it most.