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How we continued to cement Cocio in Gen Z’s social occasions throughout Summer


Cocio wanted to drive purchase penetration and frequency with Gen Z. Having identified social occasions and movie nights as a key moment Cocio could compliment, they turned to us to bring to life the role of the product and deliver a below the line brand campaign. The campaign however had to go live across summer months when sodas and other soft drinks typically own refreshment in consumers’ minds.


We needed a creative execution that would both shout refreshment (to compete with soft drinks) and position the product as the ideal companion to Gen Z’s social events and movies. One word encapsulated this for us – CHILL.

We created a suite of assets in Cocio’s signature yellow environment and rendered the word CHILL in ice (with the product encased within it) to immediately convey refreshment.  Headlines and props aligned the product to key social moments and invited Gen Z to grab a bottle and kick back, enjoying the moment and soaking up some good mood.

A full shopper suite was developed across in-store, ecom and proximity media touchpoints, incorporating both brand and promotional messaging for live markets across Europe to deploy.


This campaign is still live. Grab a Cocio and chill as we wait for the results...