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Go on a healthy eating adventure with Lurpak Lighter

Healthy eating gets a bad rep. No fat, no fun. Can’ts, shouldn’ts and mustn’ts.

But where others see the things that are taken away, Lurpak see just how much more there is to enjoy.


We were briefed to create a through-the-line campaign to relaunch Lurpak Lighter and position it as the tasty alternative to margarine - offering people a way to enjoy good food in a healthy way.

Launching in January, the idea had to bring to life a positive message to our audience and demonstrate Lurpak Lighter's role in the creation and enjoyment of healthy eating.


Go Wild Light Lovers.

January is a dull, grey month. It’s the hangover of the festivities and a time when brands traditionally jump on the ‘you’ve been naughty’ bandwagon.

We wanted to use January as a spring board of positive change and encourage people to embrace healthy eating rather than having it foisted upon them.

Lurpak don’t want to be just another “me too” brand and see January as an opportunity for a positive hangover.

The start of a new year, and the beginning of a new food adventure. 

Rather than advising people to cut back, we told them to ‘Go Wild’ with a colourful campaign that cut through the winter gloom.

The integrated campaign came to life in press, digital OOH, outdoor posters, retail activity, shopper toolkits and supermarket experiential activity.


Go Wild Light Lovers was a TTL campaign, supported in OOH, digital and shopper, with a £1 million media plan.