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How we built hype and excitement around the launch of Nintendo’s latest games console.


To launch Switch, Nintendo’s newest, game-changing console and reaffirm Nintendo’s No.1 position in the hearts and minds of UK gamers.


To build excitement from pre-release to launch and beyond, we created a staggered event and retail programme designed to build momentum.

Two months before launch, we targeted press, celebs, super fans and retail partners with an invitation-only first-hands-on event. The night put the spotlight firmly on Switch, with press and attendees lauding the console’s innovation and new software line-up.

A month before launch, we took our Switch tour to three locations across the UK to get hardcore gamers up close and personal with the new console. Anticipation was heightened, with the Switch winning the approval of its most critical audience.

Fuelling the hype, we created an OOH campaign and Shortlist magazine cover wrap to drive pre-orders. We also produced a range of pre-awareness and launch materials using the new branding to maximise visibility in key retail partners.

With excitement at fever pitch, we took Switch to Insomnia and MCM Comicon to get more gamers hands on and showcase the upcoming software releases. We also hosted a pre-launch tournament event for PR delegates to enjoy Nintendo’s newest, original IP, ARMS.


Pre-orders for the console increased 8-fold after the announcement event and half of all available stock was secured within a week.

59,871 trials across 19 live days.

Gaming areas in key stores were awash with Nintendo red as the Switch took centre stage.

Come launch, the majority of pre-order stock had been sold