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Launching the best way to enjoy Virgin Media TV

Helping Virgin Media reposition themselves as leaders and steal back market share from their rivals.


When Virgin Media launched TiVo in 2010, it was a revolutionary way to watch TV. But since then a lot had changed, and customers felt they weren’t getting value for money. To compete with Sky Q and regain market status as the premium TV provider, Virgin Media launched the V6 box. 

Our job was to launch the V6 across all retail touchpoints and to shift customer perception – that Virgin Media now has a TV offering to rival Sky.


To disrupt on the high street, inform within the store and convert to purchase, we created a full suite of POS for Virgin Media retail and partner stores. From DTS leaflets and window takeovers to digital windows and interactive demonstration walls, every step of the shopper journey was designed to maximise impact.

Partner channels are key, so we also created collateral to incentivise and educate 3rd party staff through training toolkits, website and competition. 


The V6 launch was firmly switched on and Virgin Media TV quickly became the one to watch.

A significant increase in TV, broadband and calls packages sold.

Positioned as the market leaders in premium TV.

Regained market share from Sky.