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Beep, beep! Virgin Media’s in town

How we drove community engagement and superior broadband sales across the UK


With a £4.5bn investment to extend their fibre broadband infrastructure to 80% of the UK, Virgin Media O2 needed a way to engage local communities and positively announce the network’s arrival after disruptive cabling works  had been completed in the area. They looked to us for a solution.

We needed to reach some of the most rural towns and communities across the UK to deliver the activity. Our strategy was to develop a mobile, community engagement plan that could adapt to activate on local high streets, in shopping centres and within community hubs, whilst delivering brand impact and spreading the news that their area was now connected the UK’s fastest, widely available broadband. 


We converted a fleet of Virgin Media engineering vehicles into mobile brand engagement points. These could be deployed to the most rural locations at the drop of a hat, allowing us to bring to life the campaign’s creative proposition ‘There’s a new broadband on the block’. 

Each vehicle was equipped with branded collateral and sampling activations that could flex throughout the year to attract and engage locals. From ice cream and pick’n’mix in warmer months to hot chocolate for the colder months, our team of brand ambassadors visited over 50 locations engaging with local residents, communicating the benefits of Virgin Media services and facilitating on the day sign-ups.