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Wakey wakey

How we made weekday mornings something to look forward to rather than dread…


As result of significant category growth, belVita needed to redefine their brand in order to maintain category leadership and remain front of mind for the most important meal of the day.

We needed to create an impactful and feature driving promotion that would appeal to their core audience as well as bringing new shoppers into the category. In turn this would engage and excite the top 4 retailers and discounters and help drive a sales uplift.


Our core target audience were ‘progressive breakfasters’. These consumers are young and like to lead a life full of change and discovering new things. They have a more functional approach to morning nourishment to satisfy hunger and get the energy they need for the day ahead.

Weekday mornings aren’t great. They start with a rude awakening, whether it’s an alarm or a child, something is going to be waking you up before you want to get up.

Mornings are ruled by routines, if one thing in the routine goes wrong the whole day can be unsettled. They’re typically work days, which means they’re time pressured, rushed and stressful and they often culminate in a commute.

It’s no surprise some folk are shattered before they even start work.

Our approach was to take this and flip it on its head. We wanted to make mornings great with belVita. By giving people something to look forward to before midday and adding a touch positivity and energy to proceedings we could stay true to the brands optimism and help our customers power through their morning.

Let’s give shoppers something to look forward to when they wake up.

The chance to win cash and feel good prizes.

The morning alarm has got to be one of the most hated things during the week. We wanted to turn this negative into a positive with a prize draw that alerts you if you’ve won as soon as you rise.  

At 8am every weekday morning, belVita eaters will hope their winning alarm will sound for a £10,000 cash prize.

Facilitated through a cost-effective text to win entry mechanic. We created a two-tier prize promotion with a £10k major prize hook and smaller second tier to drive frequency offering feel good prizes aligned to belVita’s brand equity and purpose.

The campaign also flexes to support individual retailers with exclusive prize pool created and executed in Tesco, Ocado and B&M.

Campaign is running across high-impact POS, social and digital marketing and outdoor campaign across the UK.  


The campaign is still live.