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Get sent off with Cadbury

How we created a football themed promotion to appeal to the masses and not just footy fans…


In 2019 we were challenged by Cadbury to create an off pack promotion that leveraged their Premier League partnership. It needed to be simple yet exciting in order to drive penetration and win share of the instant consumption snacking category, securing top-quality feature displays; whilst also capturing the imaginations of shoppers and incentivising them to buy in store.


Whilst we were tasked with utilising the Premier League assets, it was also important with this brief to try and attract the wider Cadbury audience.

Our approach was to look at the world of football and the Premier League with fresh eyes in order to find an angle that allowed us to maintain credibility whilst increasing mass appeal.

One thing that Premiership footballers do well, apart from playing football and driving fast cars, is that they know what makes a good holiday.

As soon as the last round of fixtures is complete, Instagram and the tabloids are filled with our sporting heroes kicking back on some exotic yacht or looking dapper in a remote luxury villa.

This was our angle. Holidays. Something that united the worlds of millionaire footballers and our target audience.

Getting sent off in football is bad but getting sent off on holiday is a dream.

Everyone loves going on holiday. A chance to escape the everyday grind and relax completely – a prize every Cadbury fan would love.

We put a football spin on a classic holiday prize pool, offering customers the chance to be sent off by our Cadbury FC referee on a Premier League holiday – an all expenses paid trip to a far flung land to watch a pre-season match and enjoy a holiday of a lifetime.

To bring the idea to life, we used Premier League legend Ian Wright as our campaign ambassador, creating social posts in his favourite holiday locations along with being the voice of the campaign for our radio ads.

The activity was further amplified with a digital and static OOH campaign.


A snapshot of our results include:

Our OOH, social campaign and radio activity delivered a reach of over 40 million impressions.

9 pieces of mainstream coverage, with 100% including brand imagery and a Cadbury mention.

Outstanding execution across the IC channel led to great visibility and results, exceeding targets and lapping the previous years campaign.